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Our Expertise

We take great pride in the high calibre of our work and we take great joy being instrumental to our clients’ success.


We are one of the most successful among the litigation law firms in the Asian community. We appear before all levels of the court system and are experienced to deal with matters in various legal areas including:

  • Contract law, company law, and commercial law generally
  • Relationship property law and divorce law
  • Liquidation and bankruptcy
  • Parenting and guardianship law
  • Family violence
  • Employment law
  • Defence, sentencing, application for discharge without conviction for various types of assault, traffic offences, and fraud offences

Our track record in the Higher Courts is excellent. Since 2019, we have succeeded in almost all the defended cases in the Higher Courts:

Deng v Zheng [2022] NZSC 76 – Defending an appeal judgment

Urban Décor v Yu & Xia [2022] NZEmpC 56 – Challenging of ERA decision           

Jin v Fuati [2022] NZHC 718  – Adjudication for bankruptcy

Peng v Jin [2022] NZHC 719 – Adjudication for bankruptcy

Singh v Mao [2021] NZHC 2230 – Stay of execution of a summary judgment

Beachlands Childcare Ltd v Sweet Homeek Ltd [2021] NZHC 382 – Setting aside a default judgment

Zheng v Deng [2020] NZCA 614 – Appealing a High Court judgment        

Fuati v Peng [2020] NZHC 672 – Application for discovery and opposition of cross-application for discovery

Zhou v Yue [2019] NZHC 2167 – Application for stay/strike out

Ngae v Koh [2019] NZHC 2466 – Appealing a Family Court judgment

Fuati v Jin [2019] NZHC 1859 – Application to discharge a freezing order

Our Litigation Team

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Daniel Zhang


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